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SIM-only – No Credit Check

Want to stay connected without your financial history being scrutinised? You’ll love our SIM-only no credit check deals. While 24-month contracts complete with the latest top-of-the-range handsets work for some people, not everyone is eligible for these offers. Most mobile phone contracts are underwritten by official credit agreements. This means credit checks are part of the process. Unfortunately, not everyone passes with flying colours.

Not to worry. Thanks to SIM-only deal no credit check offers, you don’t need a glowing financial history to get connected. Simply bring your own unlocked mobile handset and take advantage of SIM-only deals.

Whether you’re looking for great deals on data or unlimited calls and texts, SIM-only deals without credit checks can be a terrific option.

What are SIM-only deals without a credit check?

Pay monthly SIM no credit check deals are pretty self-explanatory. Mobile network providers hook you up with a SIM card, without running a credit check. All you need to do is bring your own handset. It’ll need to be unlocked before you can connect to the network and start using your SIM.

You don’t need to have a bad credit score to qualify for a SIM-only no credit check. The term just means you don’t need to pass a credit check to be approved. Basically, pretty much anyone can secure a no credit check SIM.

Types of mobile phone deals in the UK

What’s the difference between SIM-only deals and other plans? Below, we take a closer look at the four main categories of mobile phone deals available in the UK.

Pay as you go (PAYG) SIM

Pay as you go SIMs are a great way to stay on top of your usage. You pay up-front for what you use and top up your balance as required. This can usually be done online or at your local supermarket, petrol station or newsagent.

Some providers offer SIM-only deals that include a ‘bundle’ of data, texts and minutes. These usually expire in around 30 days. You pay for everything upfront, which means there’s no need for providers to run a credit check. If your credit score is lacklustre or non-existent, a pay monthly SIM with no credit check can be a great option.

30-day rolling SIM contracts

Like PAYG sims, 30-day rolling SIM contracts ask you to prepay for your service in advance. As you’ve covering the cost upfront you don’t need to pass any serious financial history checks. An average credit score is usually enough to secure a 30-day rolling SIM contract. However, requirements do vary between providers.

SIM-only contract deals

SIM-only contract deals generally ask for a minimum 12-month commitment. They don’t include a handset but they’re often cheaper than PAYG deals. This is the reward for signing onto a long-term contract. Payments are usually by direct debit, which makes top-ups fast and easy. SIM-only contract deals are official financial agreements between you and the provider, which means credit checks are usually required.

SIM + handset contracts

SIM + handset contracts can be a great way to get your hands on the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. However, they involve an official hire-purchase credit agreement for the device, which means a credit check is compulsory. Unlike SIM-only contracts where an average or below average credit score will likely be okay, you’ll need a good to excellent rating to secure a SIM + handset contract. Third-party credit agencies like Equifax and Experian generally carry out checks. If your credit score is poor, you still have options! A SIM-only deal with no credit check can get you connected fast, without the hassle of dealing with credit agencies.

Who is a SIM-only deal for?

What kind of Brits can benefit from a SIM-only contract no credit check? These deals aren’t just for people with poor credit ratings, though they are popular with this group. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different types of users…

People with poor credit ratings

Not everyone has a stellar credit score. If you’ve missed credit card repayments in the past or have a County Court Judgment (CCJ) to your name, you may find it difficult to secure a SIM + handset contract. This is where SIM-only deals bad credit step up.

People with no established credit score

It takes time to build a good credit score. Things like making credit card repayments and paying off debts help establish you as a trustworthy and reliable borrower. This can make things difficult for young people who simply haven’t had time to build up a good financial history. Sometimes a blank slate can be just as bad as a history of missed repayments.

A SIM-only contract (no credit check) can also work well for travellers or people who have just moved to the UK. If you don’t have a credit record but want to use a mobile phone, a SIM-only deal can be a great solution.

People who want flexibility

Contracts can be a great way to save in the long run. But for people looking for flexibility, they’re not always the best bet. SIM-only no credit check deals can be a great option if you don’t want to be locked into a 12 or 24-month contract. Maybe you only spend part of the year in the UK or perhaps you want to test out a new mobile network provider. Whatever your situation, a SIM-only contract with no credit check can be a fuss-free way to stay connected, on your terms.

What providers offer SIM-only no credit check deals?

Now you know more about SIM-only contracts with no credit check, let’s take a closer look at what mobile network providers offer the best deals. Most providers, including giants like Three, O2, Vodaphone and EE, offer SIM-only deals with no credit checks.

You’ll also find rolling 30-day plans with no credit check requirements. However, not all providers offer these. Below, we list some of the UK providers that do offer rolling 30-day plans with no credit checks.


Community-based network provider giffgaff takes a unique approach to customer service. Instead of a traditional bricks-and-mortar customer service department with dedicated employees, it relies on a community of users to help problem solve. It works amazingly well and is what helps keep prices so low. If you’re looking for the best SIM-only contract bad credit deals, you’ll find them at giffgaff. The company is owned by Telefónica, which operates O2. This means you’ll enjoy fantastic coverage across the UK.


Three owns and operates this low-cost mobile network provider. You’ll find some irresistible pay monthly SIM no credit check deals from SMARTY.


VOXI is another favourite when it comes to finding SIM-only contract bad credit offers. The company operates on Vodafone’s mobile network, which means service is fast and reliable.

SIM-only no credit check FAQs

Can I get a contract phone with bad credit?

Unfortunately, most SIM + handset contracts require credit checks. As discussed earlier, this is because you’re signing a hire-purchase credit agreement with the provider. They’ll often give you the latest smartphones and naturally want to make sure you’re going to pay off your instalments.

Can I avoid credit checks and pay upfront?

Absolutely. Paying upfront is one of the best ways to avoid credit checks. These types of deals are generally advertised as pay as you go (PAYG). You’ll settle your account before you start using your data, texts and calls.

Can anyone secure a rolling 30-day SIM plan?

While most providers are happy to offer PAYG deals to anyone, rolling 30-day plans can be a little harder to secure. That said, you will find some providers that offer rolling 30-day plans without credit checks.

Is a 30-day rolling SIM plan my only option with poor credit?

No! If you’re struggling with poor credit and can’t secure a 30-day rolling SIM plan, you still have options. PAYG SIM-only bad credit deals can be a great way to stay connected, without the hassle of credit checks or scheduled monthly payments. You simply pay for what you use and top up your account as required.

Why didn’t I pass the credit check?

Failed the credit check? You’re not alone. Lots of Brits struggle to build and maintain good credit scores. Even a single missed payment here and there can drag down your score. Alternatively, it could be a lack of credit – if you’re young or simply haven’t taken out any loans or credit cards.

How can I check my credit score?

It’s your legal right to check your credit score and access information owned by companies like Equifax and Experian. Both allow you to check your credit score online. It’s easy. Simply visit the website and follow the prompts. You can also check your credit rating using services like Clearscore and Credit Karma. They offer monthly credit reports that keep you up to date on your rating.

The pros and cons of SIM-only deals

We’ve covered pretty much everything you need to know about SIM-only deals. To summarise, here’s a quick look at the pros and cons to consider.


– No credit checks
No credit checks are one of the biggest pros of some SIM-only deals. Whether you’re struggling with a poor credit rating or simply haven’t had time to build up a good score, SIM-only poor credit deals can be a great solution.

– Flexible and fuss-free
SIM-only deals are usually your most flexible option when it comes to mobile network services in the UK. Instead of signing onto a 12 or 24-month contract, you’re free to change providers as you please. If a better deal pops up, simply apply for a new SIM, top up your account and start reaping the benefits. Similarly, there are no issues if your credit score improves, and you decide to apply for a SIM + handset contract.

– Affordable
While SIM-only bad credit deals don’t necessarily offer the same enormous data limits as long-term contracts, they still represent great value for money.


– Limited data
If you love to stream sports games, catch up on your favourite Netflix shows and video chat to friends and family across the globe, SIM-only deals can be a little limiting. Providers often cap data usage, which means you can’t necessarily scroll to your heart’s content. That said, many SIM-only plans do include unlimited talk and text. If you’re usually connected to Wi-Fi but use lots of talk and text, a bring-your-own-device SIM can be a great alternative to a contract.

– Your credit score won’t improve
Unlike signing onto a contract, SIM-only no credit check plans won’t improve your credit rating. They definitely won’t make it worse, but they’re not a great way to build up your credit score.