Smarty Mobile Review – Network, Coverage & SIM-only Deals

Smarty SIM-only deals are getting a lot of attention of late. With good reason too. They’re designed to be more flexible and more affordable than traditional phone contracts – both of which will appeal to modern users.

Read on to take a closer look at Smarty mobile, including what network they use and how Smarty SIM-only deals stand out from the rest.

Smarty mobile network & coverage
The most frequently asked question about Smarty is what network they use and whether Smarty coverage is any good. Fortunately, we have good news. Smarty is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Put simply, Smarty is a brand which uses the mobile network of another provider.

Other MVNOs include Voxi (using Vodafone) and Giffgaff (on O2). In Smarty’s case, the mobile network comes from Three. That gives them coverage across the vast majority of the UK. In other words, you get the same coverage with Smarty as you do from Three, which accounts for over 10% of the UK market.

All the data you need for less

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How do Smarty SIM-only deals work?
Like all MVNOs, Smarty has stripped back its offering to focus on flexibility and price. To start with, Smart deals are SIM-only. You won’t get a new phone, tablet or any added extras with your Smarty deal.

But in return, you get some of the lowest prices on the market. Many Smarty SIM-only deals are available for under £10, all with unlimited calls and texts and a price tailored based on how much data you want. Choose from as little as 1GB, up to 100GB a month for the major browsers and streamers.

That’s paired with the freedom of a 1-month rolling contract, on all Smarty deals. There’s no upfront cost. You simply order a Smarty SIM, make your first month’s payment and away you go. So, even if you found that the Smarty coverage (via Three) was below par, you wouldn’t have any commitment beyond the first month.

Money back from Smarty mobile
With Smarty, you get cheap, flexible SIM-only deals based on how much data you need. But here’s the best bit. Smarty has a unique credit back system which rewards you for any data you don’t use.

You’ve probably heard of other mobile networks which allow you to keep unused data for next month. Smarty goes one further, giving you money off next month’s bill for data you haven’t used, currently at a rate of £1.25 per GB. Use 7GB of your 10GB plan, get ready for a saving of £3.75.

Obviously, this isn’t available on all plans, as a 100GB plan could have pretty substantial savings. But be sure to look out for it if you’re unsure how much you’ll be using.

Try Smarty mobile today
Smarty mobile is changing the way SIM-only deals work, from low monthly costs to money back on unused data. With a one-month rolling contract, there really is no reason not to try it out.
Want to give it a go? Visit Smart mobile today to put them to the test.