How to Get Unlimited Social Media on Your Phone Contract

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Life’s all about sharing. Whether you’re on holiday, out with your mates or just at work, you want to tell the world, right?

Fortunately, there are all kinds of apps available to do exactly that. Post a status on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, share a picture on Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest… You get the idea.

The problem? When you do that on the go – without Wi-Fi – it eats away at your data. A few snaps, tweets and WhatsApp chats and suddenly you’ve used up your monthly allowance. Your options? Take a break from social media or spend even more money on extra data.
But what if there’s a better option? That’s where VOXI comes in. The new mobile network is shaking up the way phone contracts work – and it’s got plenty of people tweeting, snapping and chatting away already…

How does VOXI work?

Like a regular phone contract, VOXI gives you texts, minutes and data for a monthly fee. Fortunately, that’s where the similarity ends. First and foremost, the data you get as your monthly allowance will last much longer on VOXI as it’s not affected by social apps. Yes – really!
With VOXI, you get unlimited use of social apps without your mobile data allowance being touched. That includes all of your favourite social media apps:

– Facebook
– WhatsApp
– Snapchat
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Messenger
– Pinterest
– Viber

The rest of your data is saved for everything else you do online. So, you’ll have plenty left for browsing, checking your emails and using maps for directions.

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Other VOXI benefits

It doesn’t stop there. Alongside unlimited social media, VOXI offers unlimited calls, texts and picture messages. So, there’s no need to worry about running out and not being able to make that important call or send a quick text.
With free roaming, you can do all of that wherever you want. VOXI plans can be used in 48 counties across Europe. That means you can call, text, browse and – yes – use your unlimited social media on your holidays too.

Flexible plans

Best of all, you’re not tied in. Modern life is dynamic. It’s always changing. Nobody wants to commit to six months, a year or two years with the same deal. With VOXI, you don’t have to.

Once you’ve signed up, subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis. You get all your calls, text, data and unlimited social apps for 30 days once you’ve paid. After that, you’re free to cancel or pause it whenever you want.

Fancy a change? Cancel your contract and change provider. Going camping for the week without a charger? Pause your monthly subscription and start again when you’re back. It really is that simple.

Go social today with VOXI

With all the features on offer through VOXI, it’s hard to see why anybody wouldn’t switch to the new mobile network. You can wave goodbye to limits on your social media use and say hello to your friends whenever you want!

Ready to find out more? Visit the VOXI site today to see for yourself.