A Beginner’s Guide to the Pockit Online Account

Like food, transport and healthcare, banking is something you simply can’t live without. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the service you get. That’s exactly what’s on offer with Pockit – an innovative account that aims to give you more control over your money…

Times are changing

The advent of the internet and more recently mobile apps has seen a big disruption to banking. Old fashioned banks have tried to get on-board with their own online tools and apps. However, in most cases, they simply don’t cut it.

Why? They’re still focused on the way things used to be – and it’s almost impossible to turn that into something modern and user-friendly.

What is Pockit?

Pockit does things differently. Rather than trying to transform an existing service, they have purpose-built their app for the needs of modern consumers. It’s fast, convenient and user-friendly. Or, as they put it, it’s banking that works for you.

With a Pockit account, you’ll get a Pockit card within two days, which can be used to pay for your shopping and withdraw money. When you do so, you’ll be eligible for up to 10% cashback from a number of Pockit partners, including Argos, Pizza Express and M&S.

Your account can also be used to pay for your bills, transfer money and receive wages or any benefits, much like a regular bank account. However, the difference comes in the level of control you have over your account…

Visit the Pockit site by clicking here

Staying in control

Once signed up to Pockit, you can access your account through a simple mobile app. That gives you instant access to your finances, wherever you are with an internet connection. That includes smart tools to track spending, save money and even improve your credit score.

Pockit LOQBOX is an in-built savings account which allows you to save over 12 months, lock money in and improve your credit score with ease. The feature has helped some users improve their score by more than 100 points.

Customer service

On top of all that, Pockit provides superior customer service. Long gone are the days of queueing in busy bank branches or sitting on hold to a distant call centre. Pockit offers fast, effective customer service over the phone 9am-6pm, seven days a week.

When you’re sending money between Pockit accounts, you can wave goodbye to frustrating delays. Money will appear instantly in your account as its sent, or in a friend’s account as you send it.
How to get started…

Opening a Pockit account couldn’t be simpler – and that’s another thing that sets it apart. Simply enter your name, address and contact details. There’s no need to send off endless paperwork or go through a credit check.

Want to share an account with family members or friends? It’s a breeze. You can order up to three more cards, which can either share your balance or have their own balance within your account.

Find out more about Pockit

All in all, Pockit is a pretty useful piece of kit for anyone who wants to spend, save and stay in control of their finances. If you want to find out more about the app, be sure to visit the Pockit site.